My love for designing started at a young age. In my early teens I got into Photoshop by making banners and signatures for forums I was on. On these forums I always applied to join their graphics team because I loved to make them for others too. As i grew older this translated more into making basic websites for clans of certain games.

After graduating high school I decided I wanted to make my hobby my job and took courses at the College of Thomas More to learn the ins and outs of designing.

If you are interested in my work and expertise, you can find my contact details down below.


I've started drawing since I was a little kid, so I always knew I wanted to do something where I can use my creativity. Later on I started to realize that I understand what people need and ask for.

This together pointed me towards user experience and sales. I am here to find out what you want and give to you what you need.

If you are interested in my work and expertise, you can find my contact details down below.

  • I've created this key by converting the drawing I made of this key into an outline in Illustrator. When the outline was completed I started coloring it in trying to make it as lifelike as possible in Photoshop.
  • During this project I've learned to work with perspective and lighting/shadows.
  • The Bar Guide Brussels is a little project I am involved in with some friends. This awesome website consists of a database containg reviews of a number of bars in Brussels
  • Integrating our database into the website has improved my PHP skills as well as my SQL skills. All pictures were taken by us and then touched up by me, this has helped me understand what is behinda good picture.
  • I wanted to create a logo with an animal in it, so I went out looking for a nice picture of an elephant. After finding a picture I could work with I started scribbling some logo ideas.
  • In the end i went with an outline of the elephant, I did this using illustrator. When that was done I found out there was an area in South Africa called Olifant River and that they make wine there, hence the name. The color tones are also based on it being an elephant and a logo for a vineyard or wine bottle
  • Top Events is a website I created for a project at school. It is a voting website for upcoming events in Flanders.
  • The website uses the Cultuurnet API to acces the UIT-Databank where all the events and their info is stored. Events are ranked by their rating which is determined by up or down votes. The website requires registration to be able to vote, this is to prevent multiple votes on an event by a single person. You also have a full description of the event when clicking on it.
  • This avatar was made for a birthday gift of a friend. It started out with a drawing which then was digitalized. Loads of fun!
  • Mini Cooper car key

    A car key of a Mini digitalized using Illustrator and Photoshop.

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    Bar Guide Brussels

    The website created for the ultimate bar guide of Brussels, it features a database with reviews of some of the most known bars in Brussels

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    Olifant River Vineyards

    A logo designed for a fictive wine company.

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    Top Events

    Voting website of upcoming events

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    An avatar of a friend drawn in illustrator, used for print purposes.

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    Alexandra Devoitinne
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